Lu Ka is a founder of SHAMANIC HEART HEALING



– Lu Ka completed Drunvalo’s School of Remembering® in 2013 and is a licensed teacher of the workshop Awakening the Illuminated Heart®.
– Lu Ka is an author of the “Shamanic Heart Healing®” workshops which extends from beginner Level 1 to teacher training Level 5. – He has also assisted on Drunvalo’s new workshops: “Cosmic Grace – Return to Source!” and “The Way to Do is to Be“.
– So far, he has facilitated more than 150+ “Awakening the illuminated Heart®” workshops and more than 50+ “Shamanic Heart Healing®” workshops. Occasionally he creates smaller events and one day workshops.
– Lu Ka is also leading the “Awakening Heart Sacred Journeys” to Egypt, Sedona AZ, Peru and other sacred locations.
– Upon the call of the Higher Self he is also available for one-on-one private sessions, which include Shamanic Heart Healing®, Consulting and Imagery.
– Lu Ka is mostly teaching in Asia and Europe. His schedule is really full, as he teaches almost every week of the year.



About LuKa:
Lu Ka was born in the Heart of Europe, in a small country called Slovenia. In the year 1994, when he was 11 (going through the 11.11 portal) he experienced a near death experience and he went to the world beyond this one and came back. After that he started to realize he can talk to crystals and trees. He started to work with his dreams and meditations on daily basis. And slowly he remembered his mission here on Earth and some of his lives in other star systems and dimensions…

How Lu Ka describes his life today: “I help people to remember what they already know. People call me a teacher, but actually I am more of a catalyst of awakening. I create workshops where we can remember and experience Oneness through our Hearts. And I am doing what I was doing even before I came to this planet, I am bringing people to sacred places to reconnect to their true nature and to help them with their awakening.”


LuKa & Drunvalo Melchizedek & Awakening the illuminated Heart® (ATIH):
Lu Ka started to learn about Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work around the year 1999. Since then he devoted his life deeply studying all about Sacred Geometry, Sacred Mathematics, Alternative history of humanity, Merkaba Meditations and their relationship to sound, consciousness and Life in general. In the year 2012 Drunvalo appeared in his dream telling him he must come to Sedona USA to meet him. Lu Ka met Drunvalo for the first time and this was another turning point in his life. Same year he went to Egypt on December 21st. This sacred journey activated his memory of ancient Atlantis, pre-dynastic Egypt and he remembered his life on other planets. He devoted his life into service to the Universe. Very soon LuKa finished all School of Remembering teacher trainings, was assisting other teachers and moreover also assisted Drunvalo two times (on the “The way to do is to be” and “Cosmic Grace” workshops). He started to teach workshops almost every week. In the year 2017 he had personally facilitated more than 100 ATIH workshops, which gave him a reputation of a most active teacher in the School of Remembering. He helped more than 1000 students to reach their heart and to remember who they really are. LuKa’s students describe LuKa’s workshops as really direct, heart based, efficient and life changing. And his heart-based approach change their life.

(Lu Ka, Mt.Shasta, 2019)

(Lu Ka & Drunvalo, Sedona 2018)


LuKa & Shamanic Heart Healing®
LuKa was practicing what we call today “shamanism” since he can remember. He went through many shamanic trainings and retreats and mostly what he was missing in the teaching of other teachers was using the heart and respecting the will of the Higher Self. LuKa understands Shamanism as being a universal practice to work with different aspects of consciousness. He was exploring different traditional approaches as well as modern shamanic practices.
LuKa is a universal shaman and is not teaching any specific way or tradition. He rather sees shamanism as a spiritual practice which is always individualized by a person. That is why Shamanic Heart Healing® includes same guidelines to healing as is being presented by Awakening the illuminated Heart® workshop (on the second day). He encourages his students to only use their personal consciousness and rhythmical sound, like a drum, to come into a shamanic state (also called Theta state).

(Lu Ka, Mt.Shasta, 2019)

LuKa has made a full circle in developing the Shamanic Heart Healing® workshop, through using a “step by step” and “explain-show-practice” approach. He created 5 levels of the shamanic training, where Level 1 is a beginner level and Level 5 is a teacher training level. Students who finish his shamanic workshops mostly receive more than they expected and receive confidence in doing shamanic healing and working from the heart instead of ego. LuKa dedicated all of his time to bring message to those who are ready to hear and answer the Call, to remember that the Heart is the center of all creation.


LuKa & Sacred Geometry of the Heart
Sacred Geometry is part of LuKa’s life. He likes to describe it as a building structure of the universe and through experience we can understand ourselves more and see the world from new perspectives. Maybe because LuKa being more of a “right brain” person he succeeded to combine the practical and theoretical approach to Sacred geometry in a 4-day workshop. And because all LuKa’s workshops are embraced in a Sacred Space of the Heart atmosphere, this workshop is no exception.



Luka is a licensed HEARTMATH TRAINER since 2018 and is having mini one day workshops about the Heart Intelligence. More information about HEARTMATH here:

LuKa & Awakening Heart Sacred Journeys
And last but not least, you can also join LuKa on his journeys to sacred lands of Egypt, Sedona AZ and Peru. He likes to combine his journeys with information and experience of the Heart, Mystery schools and re-connection to the Earth-Sky-Heart.

(Lu Ka, Egypt, Dendera temple 2019)

(Lu Ka, Egypt, Edfu temple 2018)

Message from LuKa:

“With all of my Heart and Soul I would like to share this ancient knowledge with those, who wish to live in Love and Harmony. The Tiny space of the Heart is the place where the whole creation of the Universe takes place and where share peace in love to all life everywhere. When we are there our ego moves back and our life becomes simple and beautiful.

Maybe the time has come for you to remember.”

Lu Ka