Many modern healers, teachers, shamanic practitioners don’t work from the heart. We can be working with the invisible world and at the same time we could have our egoistic perspective of reality, where we want benefits for ourselves only. This is also called »sorcery«. The Heart is the element of Neutrality of our consciousness. It is the place from where all beings come from. Heart is not limited to tradition or mind belief.

In native tribes of the Earth the connection with the Creator and the Spirit worlds always involves humbleness and respect to the primordial power. Love for Mother Earth and Life itself was always part of life. Just the modern man distanced himself from the Heart. That is why I feel it is important to use the word Heart in this workshop.

The word SHAMAN actually comes from TUNGUS TRIBE from Siberia and it means: the one who can see in the dark. So the word belongs to the certain tradition. But in every traditional culture there was one person and in many cases a group of individuals who were considered wisdom keepers, sages, the ones who can see in the dark, the ones who can communicate with the spirit world.

In modern time we borrow the word “shaman” to represent a person who is working with the spirit world and is involved in ceremonies to bring balance to the world and individuals.

There are as many “shamans” as there are tribes in the world. And in this Universe there are many “shamans” who belong to certain lineage or they have discovered their own medicine path on their own.

Shaman never called himself a shaman. This is not something that you just decide one morning and say, I am a shaman. The title is not important. The person who works for benefit of all humanity does not feel a need to brag. And in the universe there is an unwritten rule, that if someone abuses the power or brags about it, this person will most likely lose it.

We are borrowing the words “shaman” and “shamanism” to best represent the practices that we do. But shamanism is a very big word, that is why everyone will understand it completely different.